Nora Johnson W307410

February 10, 1915 - July 13, 1945

Nora Johnson Nora Johnson Nora Johnson

On a weekend pass, Met Officer was passenger on ill-fated Liberator 11121.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Nora Johnson was the daughter of Edward Charles William Johnson and Alice M. (nee Cockell) Johnson, later of 2063 Marrion Street, Victoria, British Columbia. Both parents were born in England. Nora had a twin sister. There were six children all together. The family was Anglican.

Nora received her education in Saskatchewan achieving Grade 12. She attended university in Saskatchewan taking Arts. She had one year Normal School in Saskatchewan and qualifying Normal School in British Columbia. She took two summer courses in Physical Training, Psychology, primary methods. She taught school in the Willow Point School District, near Nelson, BC. Prior, she had six years additional experience in teaching, with four years in Saskatchewan, starting in 1933. She was keenly interested in sports (tennis and badminton, plus basketball) and handicrafts. She also liked movies, playing cards, dancing, radio, sewing and hiking. She was the vice president of a literary society at the Regina Normal School, a Guide leader, and captain of a softball team in public school.

Nora Johnson enlisted in Vancouver on September 2, 1942. "Very good type. Keen sense of responsibility, good wit, excellent. NCO material." She weighed 137 pounds. In 1938, she had an appendectomy. Nora noted as a child, she had had the measles, chicken pox, and mummps, plus whooping cough. She was accepted as a Meteorological Observer (Met Obs).

Training and Postings