Ronald Arthur Seaker R61681

February 18, 1921 - March 16, 1943

Ronald Seaker

On a calibration test, Bolingbroke 9084, with a crew of three, was lost during a snowstorm near Mill Bay, BC

Bristol Bolingbroke Mk IV 9084 took off from Patricia Bay, BC on a test flight with a crew of three. They were to check the calibration of the station using four points, flying at 4,000 feet, subject to the pilot’s discretion. The first two calibration points were done (Active Pass and Duncan), but sixteen minutes later, they ran into a snowstorm and R/T contact was lost. Wreckage of the plane and the body of F/S Switzer were recovered. The cause of the accident was deemed obscure, but it could have been due to icing conditions. See links below for his story, courtesy of the British Columbia Aviation Museum.

Other crew members: • F/S Stuart Allan Switzer, Wireless Operator (body recovered) • W/O 1 Ronald Arthur Seaker, Observer